You have a story to tell. Will you tell it?

What would you share with people, both those who know you and those who don’t?

Your story isn’t just about the minute details and final product, it’s about the creative process that it took to get there and the substance lying underneath the words. It’s about the human and the heart behind the pen.

You can’t have a story without the soul behind it.


It’s time to get unstuck, and think broadly and boldly again.

Everyone has an ember glowing inside of them, and it is my job to stoke it and set it on fire. You have a powerful spark that is yours alone, and it’s time to unlock and unleash it. 

The world needs your voice.


Telling your story can be scary, often leaving you vulnerable and exposed to the world’s judgement. I know. 

I was born a storyteller just like you. 


I used to be the queen of writing my story the way someone else wanted me to write it. Sure, the stories were mine, but they were the stories that I thought I was supposed to tell instead of the ones that I knew I needed to tell. Restrictive thinking, creative constraints, and listening to others’ voices instead of my own were my specialty. I let the world dictate the worthiness of my story.  

That belief changed when I got sick and spilling my stories on the pages of my blue “Chase Your Dreams” journal became my medicine. I wrote countless medical logs about the endless doctors appointments and the emotions that came with them. I wrote my way through panic attacks and penned love letters to myself to cope with stress. Some days I had everything to say, and other days I didn’t know what to say. But I wrote anyway.

Once I removed the perfection filter that was ingrained in me, I was able to see the healing power in honoring your story.

There was freedom to be found in knowing it would never be perfect. I was able to trust my story and the fact that my pen could guide me, the page could hold me, and my words could revive me. My creative possibilities that were once limited are now limitless. 

If your story could change one person’s life, wouldn’t you tell it? Your words could be the light they need to carry them through their darkest season. That person could be a friend, family member, or even a complete stranger. That person could also be you.

What are you waiting for? 

Grab your favorite cup of tea (or coffee), a blanket, a journal that gets you excited to write, and let’s get started. 


Emily Heidt

Emily Heidt is an editor, writer, and story enthusiast. She has been featured in New Hampshire Magazine, The Mighty, and Boston Globe Magazine. She has also been a guest on The Growth Tribe, Exist Brightly, and Fearlessly You podcasts.

Emily provides a safe space for budding and seasoned writers, creatives, and entrepreneurs to share their voices, stories, and authentic selves. She is a partner in co-creation and will meet her clients wherever they are in the creative process, whether that is brainstorming blog post ideas, outlining a book, discussing manuscript edits, or writing website copy. 

Emily's mission is to empower writers with the authorship of their own unique story through creative catharsis. Her transformational creative work sets her apart in an industry focused on a result-first, process later approach. She lives on the New Hampshire Seacoast, and loves spontaneous dance parties, exploring local farmers markets while looking for gluten-free donuts and dahlias, and discussing all things "book-ish" with family, undoubtedly with a cup of lemon ginger tea in her hand.


Emily's Background:

Assistant Editor at New Hampshire Magazine, 2017 to present

MA in Publishing and Writing, 2017

BA in English and minor in Business Administration, 2015

Writing Tutor, 2013-2015


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