Creative Roadblocks

“Someone has already said what I want to say, but better.”

“My story doesn’t matter.”

“I have nothing important to say.”

“People won’t get what I’m saying.”

“I’m not a good enough writer.”

Raise your hand if you have bought into one of these lies before. I know I have.

I grew up letting the world dictate the worthiness of my story.

I was often bullied for my quiet, creative demeanor. As I got older, teachers told me that my writing wasn’t good or original enough. The journals on my bookshelf started gathering dust. My college mentors suggested that I pursue interests other than English. Over time, I started valuing the voice of others more than my own. When I went to write, I heard their voices in the back of my head instead of mine.

That is until I had a friend tell me, “If we don’t tell our stories, who will?”

I was born a storyteller. Why was I letting the opinions of others keep me from doing what made me feel most at home with myself? Who was I to give them that much power in MY story? Someone else’s words carried me through various seasons throughout my life. Who was I to deny that my words couldn’t do the same for someone else?

We know our stories are worth telling. However, even though we know this, it’s too easy to focus on the one person who said you weren’t good enough instead of the twenty people who say you are. It’s too easy to listen to that fearful voice inside your head that conditions you to be afraid of being yourself. It’s too easy to stop mid-page, shut the book, and put the pen down. But I am here to tell you that your story is worth fighting for.

Here’s the truth: The world that told us that our stories don’t matter is the same world that is in need of our stories now more than ever. Our real, vulnerable, truthful, messy, marvelous, and authentic stories.

People want to connect with you. They want to know, see, and hear you.

What roadblocks have kept you from telling your story? It’s time to stop denying your own wonder, magnificence, and creativity, and trust your inner storyteller to lead and guide you. Your story doesn’t have to be incredibly profound or the next best-selling novel in order to be worth telling. Don’t let that stop you. The fact that you have a story to tell makes it worthy enough to be told.

All you need is the desire to create. Remove the perfection filter and just start. Start with a word. Or a sentence. Or even a bulleted list. Once you begin, more will come because you opened yourself up to it.

It’s time to pick up your pen. Be bold, brave, raw, honest, and vulnerable with yourself. Empower yourself by leaving it all on the page, and give yourself the gift of clarity that will keep on giving. Write boldly and push your own creative limits. Show up for yourself and as yourself. Ask yourself what your soul needs to hear today. Honor your story in the same way that you honor others’.

You have the power to change someone’s life with your words. It’s time to make your mark.