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Elysian (adj.)


1. Beautiful or creative. 2. Divinely inspired or delightful. 3. Peaceful or blissful. 4. A characteristic of heaven or paradise.


No one can tell your story like you can.

Your story is just that……it’s yours. And the truth is, your story is worthy of being told and you’re wildly capable of telling it. Are you ready to break free from doubt, fear, and confusion, and trust your inner storyteller to guide you? Are you ready to go deep and discover your authentic voice? Does your heart skip a beat thinking about creating what you WANT to create? It’s time to get messy, write outside the lines, and color the world with your story. Write here. Write now.






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12 One Word Journal Prompts


Friend, it's time to put pen to paper.

Why do we write? I believe that we write because only we can arrange the words to our story as we do. I believe that we write to see the world differently. I believe that we write to create what we want to see. I believe that we write to give a voice to ourselves and others. I believe that we write to escape from reality. I believe that we write to take risks and see growth.

I believe that writing creates a place where we feel the most at home within ourselves. I believe that writing has the power to teach us lessons of perseverance and strength that resonate long past the day we write our last page. I believe that in telling our stories, we are encouraging others to do the same.


Here's my story...


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